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Brief Stop

I am back in Riverside, from Clarion. My classmate Alan and I had planned on staying in San Diego but we couldn't find a hotel last minute and I ran out of people to call to put us up for the night. So he drove to Riverside last night, crashed on my couch, and left this morning. (This was rather necessary as the night prior, he partied until the wee hours and was also awake fairly early, only having a 20-minute nap sometime during our wanderings in Balboa Park.)

I am so tired and so sad and yet also quite relieved that it is over.

I don't get to sleep in my own bed because Soon Young is subletting my room until the end of August but the couch is incredibly soft so I'll use that. I'll also take a train up to San Francisco (Amtrak to Oakland) and stay with Claire Light a couple of days before I fly back to Malaysia.

Right now to relax my brain I'm going to listen to some music and play some Shanghai Mahjong.

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