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Con or Bust! Offerings

I'm possibly moving again so I thought it'd be a great idea to offer stuff from my bookshelves for Con or Bust. I left out all the boring books though.

ETA: All the ones in strikethrough are ready to be mailed, or mailed off.

Everybody else hasn't been in touch yet!

- set of books: A Border Passage: From Cairo to America and Women and Gender in Islam by Leila Ahmed + The Veil and the Male Elite: A Feminist Interpretation of Women's Rights in Islam by Fatima Mernissi - CLICK HERE

- set of books: Hildegrad of Bingen: Selections from her Writings & When God Was A Woman by Merlin Stone - CLICK HERE

- Journalistas: 100 Years of the Best Writing and Reporting by Women Journalists, edited by Eleanor Mills (of possible interest: there are essays by Alice Walker and Audre Lorde) - CLICK HERE

- set of books: English translation of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Strange Pilgrims +Full Woman, Fleshly Apple, Hot Moon: Selected Poems by Pablo Neruda, both original poems and English translation - CLICK HERE

- Dante's Inferno, both Italian text and English translation - CLICK HERE

- The Blaft Anthology of Tamil Pulp Fiction, English translation - CLICK HERE

- Mirrormask novella by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean - CLICK HERE

- set of books: Ash by Malinda Lo + The Green Man: Tales from the Mythic Forest(anthology) + The Fair Folk: Six Tales of the Fey (anthology) (ToC at link) - CLICK HERE

- The Space Opera Renaissance (anthology) (ToC at link)- CLICK HERE

- Wizards (anthology) (ToC at link) - CLICK HERE

- Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter by A.E. Moorat - CLICK HERE

- set of books: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies + Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters + Android Karenina - CLICK HERE

- Mansfield Park and Mummies, by Vera Nazarian - CLICK HERE

- The Steampowered Globe (anthology) - CLICK HERE

I feel most of them could have started with a higher price, but oh well..... maybe other people will keep bidding, right? Plenty of time.

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