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Sunday Linkfest!

Happy Sunday! I have a proposal to refine and find a working bibliography for (which looks to be on affect and RaceFail, woo) and then it's back to work on my novel and playing catch-up (or getting-ahead), plus readings. I spent last night procrastinating on my novel with my proposal, and only proposal with pop quizzes for my tutorials. Which I think I should have been doing all this while. Also, the Health and Embodiment conference was nifty! My guest is now gone back to Chicago and I met some neat peoples. I also learned new words (like "hormonormative" and "cripistemologies") and found out very interesting movies I need to look up.

Anyway, links! First, some things that involve deadlines:

ONE MORE DAY TO ENTER THE CARL BRANDON SOCIETY DRAWING FOR A FREE EREADER! Please buy as many tickets as you can to send a speculative writer of color to Clarion or Clarion West, with aims for a full scholarship! Have I mentioned you get AWESOME FREE EBOOKS with this eReader?? (If I have to make it personal, one day, that might be me you'll be sending with your love and support.)

Call for Submissions:
Dragon Ink House's 20Spec anthology (1920's spec fic), deadline Dec 20, 2010.
Monster Book for Girls, deadline Feb 27 2011
Crossed Genres' Current Genre: Opposites
And as always, Expanded Horizons

Call for Papers:
Literature on the Margins at Université de Montréal, March 11 - 12
Writing Democracy, March 9 - 11 (via ithiliana)
Popular Culture Association of Canada First Annual Conference, May 12 - 14

Night Shade Press is looking for an editor in the San Fran area. Pass this along to folks who want a job publishing scifi/fantasy books, will ya?

From my Tumblr dashboard:
isabel the spy sharing a very nice anecdote.

Sady Doyle rips a whiny "Why Won't You Educate Me" derailer a new one.

Jemima Aslana rants about Islamophobes creating problems in the system that affect a lot of other people.

Dr. Grumbles explains how a particularly egregious pic perfectly illustrates how anti-choicers don't view women as human.

kiriamaya on the Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Read more on TDOR at the Curvature, Hoyden About Town, this ain't livin' and Shakesville.

The Pronoun Problem: How To Say It Right

Ruby Bridges, the first girl to attend a racially-integrated school (well, by law) in U.S. tells us her story 50 years later.

bfp has a look at historical pictures of Martin Luther King in context.

"Voluntourism" actually harms the regions it actually wants to help. Who'da thunk, turns out intentions are worthless when matched up to effect.

Do you live in the White Chamber? (If you're right, chances are, you're probably in it more often than you care to be.)

Maysie explains just why the Maclean's article "Too Asian?" was fucking racist, yo.

Racialicious' Latoya Peterson reads, reviews and ruminates on Condeleeza Rice's memoir. This is one Republican to respect.

Short fiction from Lightspeed Magazine: Hwang's Billion Brilliant Daughters by Alice Sola Kim

Amal El-Mohtar interviews Saladin Ahmed.

Tami writes in support of feminist bloggers.

Also via ithiliana, NYT on "Digital Humanities", or, using digital media to pull together large fields of study in the humanities, because the powah of technologee is AWHSUM.

Neo-Victorian Studies e-Journal has released their steampunk issue. My friend the Steampunk Scholar Mike Perschon is in it, so check it out!

Justice League of America re-imagined in Japanese sword-fighting movie style.

Photographer dresses grandma in superhero costume and does a fun photoshoot with her. SuperGran becomes and overnight hit.

Did you know that women comprise of 56% of MPs in Rwandan Parliament?

An interview with Zumra Nuru, leader of the Awramba Community that does its best to be the society that we should all be able to have. More than anything, I think this article demonstrates how oppression is deeply-ingrained in systems, requiring a commitment in how to live and think, and shows a lot of hope.

A 6-year-old boy orphaned and stigmatized by AIDS. With a chance for adoption.

A dude protests against being advertised to with misogynistic, hypersexualized imagery from a suit brand. Good on you, dude.

Why Modern Brides Wear White (essentially, because Queen Vic did), which seems apropos to link to in light of Prince William and Kate Middleton announcing their engagement. They're so... well, not cute, but sweet, because they're obviously grown-ups. I wish them well.

A Little Pony you won't soon forget.

Mrs. Stephen Fry has released a book.

Cutting boards with built-in bowls.

Sliding walls that can really change the space of a small apartment.

And finally, Google's Boutiques.com has a fun quiz. My personal style is apparently Bohemian.

Have a good week!

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