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Sunday Linkfest!

Hello all! Yesterday was a day I promised not to give a fuck, and I did have a good day, and went waterfall hunting. I found it, and sat by it reading for a bit. So today will be ill-spent on NaNoWriMo, and I think Hannah Arendt. I have 11k words so far, and I need to work on another proposal as well as start work on a 15-page paper on intellectuals. Hopefully this week's linkfest will be satisfying.

Signal Boost: Anna Trouble relays info on missing First Nations women.

Signal Boost: Questioning Transphobia is an amazing blog that consistently brings new about the trans community and writes wonderful articles that all cis people should know about centering trans people. They are in need of help. If you have a couple of dollars to spare, please consider donating!!

Signal Boost: Call for Session Proposals for graduate conference “Women Who Rock: Making Scenes, Building Communities”

Moar Signal Boost: The Carl Brandson Society's Octavia E. Butler Memorial Scholarship Fund eReader Drawing!

Racialicious spotlights an article from Muslimah Media Watch on "Bijli", a short film about the life of a transgender individual. Warning: problematic language.

Holly of The Pervocracy lists the common trolls that posts on rape will attract.

Shweta Narayan has thoughts on speculative tourism, or rather, how marginalized narratives are framed by mainstream editors.

Jeff Yang writes about the roots of the anti-Chinese hate-on that led to the "Chinese Professor" ad.

Speaking of China, China banned Miley Cyrus because she was racist. From performing, AND selling her merch. How awesome is that?

Mai'a Medicine sez, We don't need another Anti-Racism 101, particularly for allies who want to learn how not to be racist, but essentially, are making racism work for them by painting themselves as anti-racist.

BFP interrogates the question: What is a racist? She also takes a good swipe at Tim Wise's logic against right-winger's recent win. I've been having a lot of discussion in my classes on "why the Left has failed" and I believe this is one of the answers. Of course, this is also problematized, as Tami also has a very good point on why the Right is winning. They don't disagree with each other, but there are important questions of strategy to discuss.

Cara of the curvature facepalms at Bush's Worst Moment Evar. Meanwhile, zuky calls out White Canada for its racism.

A classmate shared with me this interesting article on net neutrality and internet access as a privilege which should be a civil right.

rabbitarmy finds the sense in marking the trans community with violence, tracing the logic of the majority community in the process of making judgements over a trans person's death.

The Harpies bring us news of Brazil's latest election, which had a lot of female candidates. Dilma Roussef won, and her bio is deeply impressive: economist by training, a former guerrilla member and prison and Treasury Secretary.

Angeline Jolie wants to make a movie about the love between a Serbian rapist and his Bosniak Muslim victim. Barf. Women Victims of War speaks out against this.

Jess Nevins writes about Hindploitation, Cheng Yanqiu, a prominent Dan actor, and a primer on skiffy's pulp fiction roots.

Steampunk Fortnight at Tor.com is over, but in case you missed the fail that was my open thread questioning whether we can interrogate imperialism in steampunk costuming.

So, Charles Stross, big name in SF/F, had a blah blah blah hating on steampunk, to which Jeff Vandermeer and Scott Westerfeld responded. As did Cherie Priest, because she's hilarious. Also, who the fuck is JJ Sutherland and why is the NPR interested in steampunk? Good thing some people have the patience to teach the likes of him how to use the Internet in seeking sites interrogating steampunk problems. And then Cat Valente also had to blah blah blah hate on steampunk (but she secretly loves it, obviously; you have to, in order to contribute to Steampunk: Reloaded and the Steampunk Bible!) I responded specifically to her. If you needed a guide on how to be a steampunk hater, have a handy flowchart!

And while I'm still on steampunk stuff, here's Lucretia Dearfour on being trans in the steampunk community. If you haven't hit up Beyond Victoriana yet, there's a great post up on Les Sapeurs, a gentlemen subculture in the Congo.

Yet another old-skool skiffy person hates on nu-skiffy's PC-ness. Jason Sanford responds.

Here, have a Guardian article on The 99.

Someone at Salon hates on NaNoWriMo. Fiction_Theory and Anna Trouble counter with love!

A knitted skeleton.

The Borderhouse Blog interviews Alexis Kennedy, the main writer of Echo Bazaar, and omg EBZ has been Getting Shit Right.

And if you wanted more reading, Crossed Genres has its "Characters of Color" issue out, and Apex Magazine released its special Muslim/Arab issue! Amal El-Mohtar responds. Not only that, but Expanded Horizons #24 is out!, with stories by Zen Cho, and Silvia Moreno-Garcia, and featuring James Ng's new zombie-surrounded-by-kitties art!

I think that's it. Have a happy Sunday!

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Nov. 8th, 2010 05:26 am (UTC)
Yeeeaaaa. bfp had some words about Wise a while back which I have to look for.