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Sunday Linkfest!

Good morning folks! Even if it's almost noon, but I don't care. I'm heading out to see Theatre DaPoPo's Julius Caesar production later, and then it's catching up with Google Reader (147 items, whut).

Today's linkfest is... kinda massive? So I'll save your f-list by placing it under a

From Questioning Transphobia, a post on being closeted.

Mullahs in Afghanistan are helping promote birth control.

Definatalie speaks the truth when she writes, self esteem is revolutionary.

Justine Larbalestier's compiling a list of songs of girls who don't want to get married right now, thanks. I had a song in mind but didn't remember its name until recently, and that would be Mein Herr from Cabaret.

I've posted this before, but it's a conversation that's worth re-reading, inspired by a quote from Sandip Roy on culture.

elle at Shakesville lists of a list of racist incidents which she is tired of.

A frightening look at white supremacist neo-pagans.

What's wrong with some folks, praising raped slaves for seducing the master? WTF is this shit?

Pandagon's Jesse Taylor takes a look at the idea of the "American race". It's awfully similar to how I feel about "Bangsa Malaysia".

The difference between crazy and disciplined.

FWD deals with the "mobility aids will stop them from exercising!" concern troll. They also point out how we need to consider more than just universities in rape prevention.

Kanincchenzero points out that when men assault drunk men, it's considered a prank.

What's the matter with saying "The Orient"? Let this link tell you what.

Jeff Yang points out how few Asian-American characters there are in American games.

Shakesville points out the etymology of the verbn "to punk".

[profile] charlesatan has a link round-up of reactions to Spinrad's World SF column.

Got Facebook? Interested in seeing more scifi with underrepresented cultures? Go vote for John Kilma's Other Worlds project to get Pepsi Co's Good Idea fund!

A Moebius ship. Just, wow.

An oldie but a goodie: Appropriate Cultural Appropriation. I love her distinction between invaders, tourists and guests.

[personal profile] deepad was awesome and posted her essay on Orientalized Other-ing in ballet.

I follow interesting people on Tumblr. Isabelthespy being one of them (thanks, Tiara!) and she has some awesome things to say on being an advocate for minority issues... which is mainly to step aside and let them talk.

While rooting around the internet looking for good introductions to issues of race and racism for Allegra in the Great Steampunk Debate (which hasn't started yet, so I dunno how great it is) I found this interesting article: Race Relations 101: Racism vs. White Supermacy.

Chromatic re-casting of Alice in Wonderland at [personal profile] deadbrowalking

Dr. Dru on the Victorientalism debate.

Australia is the first country to recognize non-specific gender.

Sneak peek at the new Pride and Prejudice and Zombies graphic novel.

This made me laugh: it's a Batman track of Robin saying, "contributing to the delinquency of minors!"

Love Isn't Enough: On raising a family in a colourstruck world

Beyond Victoriana.com! Yeap, you read that right! [personal profile] dmp's wonderful project is up and running with its own space! Go check it out!

She also introduced to me this glorious timesuck: The Clothing and Fashion Encyclopedia.

If you wanted more to read, Geek Feminism's linkspam this week!

Happy Sunday!
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