February 12th, 2007

Totes Me!

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I'm alive.

I'm Production Manager of the play. We had our first meeting last night. Unfortunately, I stayed for the entire rehearsal for no good reason. My photographer whines too much. The cast is occasionally irritating. More on this.

I have a paper due tomorrow. I just started working on it. It's based on linking two works together, which should be easy enough, but I'm good at output right now, not at input.

Lit review is due on Thursday. Gonna spend Wednesday doing that one. I've got most everything I need, and all the quotes and whatnot.

Sean and I have set "ASAP" for a meetup that's way overdue. He sounds much cheerful these days. It makes me happy.

Back to work.
Totes Me!

The Artist of the Beautirul

Voice of poetry - Owen

My Assignment is to interpret Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Artist of the Beautiful using Michael Oakeshott's "The Voice of Poetry in the Conversation of Mankind" theories. I didn't do my presentation on Oakeshott, and I didn't get to read it indepth, so it's been hard. Reading Hawthorne helped making the reading for Oakeshotte easier, actually.

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