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July 31st, 2006

Poetry: Broken Wings

Title: Broken Wings
Genre: poetry, metaphor
Theme: pity, longing
Comments: Khalil Gibran is truly a master of metaphor, and I took the metaphor of the "cage for the bird with broken wings" and ran with it, with my own meanings, of course. This piece was at first messily written in poetry-prose form, but I reworked it into blank verse (wow, ten syllables a line is harder than I thought), so I'm rather pleased with how it turned out.
PS. the HTML to get that indent is tricky.

Broken WingsCollapse )


Poetry: Seduction

Title: Seduction
Genre: Poetry, erotica (?), alliterative, semi-acrostic
Theme: titillation, desire
Comments: Can you imagine how hard it is to remember the word "acrostic"? I had to go through Wikipedia just to find it.
I really began with the last one - "T", because I liked the sound, and eventually got around to thinking what I could do with a word I really enjoy. I really like the first two verses - they're obscure with a bit of double meaning, and quite open to interpretation, although of course I have my own personal meaning here - those of you who follow my personal life: I adore having a muse.

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