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December 19th, 2005

Short Fiction: Snowflake Angel

This short story was born from a fragment of a dream I had one fine morning, and I thought it would make an interesting picture. I'm not very good with plot and characterizations in my short fictions, and I try to capture an atmosphere instead of telling a story.

I'm stealing the format of presentation from my friend Lady Zip, who is mondo awesome. She in turn takes it from drabble writing LJ communities here and there.

Title: Snowflake Angel (tentative)
Genre: Short Fiction - vignette. Fairytale/Fantasy-esque. Domestic.
Theme: death, winter, snow, peace.
Warnings: None.

Snowflake AngelCollapse )

Short Fiction: Lotus

I had initially begun work on Lotus about last year, as a Wesak Day commemoration short story, seeing as I was Buddhist for most of my life.

The lotus is significant to Theravada buddhism because the plant blooms out from the murky waters of a lake, representing enlightenment from ignorance. I sort of messed it up, because I didn't want to sound too camp and preachy, which is my problem in most of my prose and even poetry. Nonetheless, I'm quite happy with the current results as of now. It's barely three hundred words long, though, so I'd call this a vignette more than anything else. I'm still learning the genres of different kinds of short fiction, see?

Title: Lotus
Genre: Vignette
Theme: lotus, sadness, reflections
Warnings: None

LotusCollapse )