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People need more things to worry about.

From the Star newspaper:

KLANG: Stray puppies are ending up as meals for foreign construction workers keen on reducing their food bills.

Indonesian construction worker Wagang Saring said the high prices of food and the need to send as much money to families back home had forced him and his friends to eat pooches.

“Puppies are the best as their meat is tender,” said the 37-year-old Saring. “The meat gives us energy to work at construction sites. Three puppies will do for five men.”

Saring was approached by The Star at a petrol kiosk in Bukit Tinggi after he was seen hitting a puppy with a piece of wood.

He knocked out the puppy with two blows and carried it back to his kongsi where his friends had already built a fire.

Fellow Indonesian worker Marcel Jeheta, 30, said the large number of stray dogs in Klang provided ample supply of meat.

Jeheta, who comes from Flores Island, said dog meat was a popular source of protein back home.

“Dog meat is widely eaten in Flores Island and we continue the practice in Malaysia,” he said.

A check around the construction site found many dogs, mostly females, that appeared to have littered recently . But there were no puppies in sight.

Cleaner Suriyati Norsalim, 40, from central Jawa, was quick to point out that only some Indonesians ate dog meat.

“Only those from Flores Island, who are not Muslims, and some non-Muslim Bataks (from Sumatra) eat dog meat,” she added.

Vietnamese Nguyen Thi Thu, 25, who works at a factory in Klang, said she noticed her countrymen eating more dog meat recently.

She said dog meat was a popular delicacy in Vietnam.

Animal welfare activist Sabrina Yeap said dog eating was gaining momentum among foreign workers because there was no law against it. “It is not illegal and so no action can be taken against those who do so,” she added.

Yeap, who manages the canine sanctuary Furry Friends Farm, said it was time the Government banned dog eating as it involved inhumane killing methods.


Why the HELL is this a big deal? Dogs are animals. People eat animals. Ergo, people eat dogs. Period. Granted, dogs are also companion animals, but they can also be eaten. Who the hell are we to tell people what they can or cannot eat? Excepting Muslim and Jewish halal and kosher laws, which are in place for a damned good reason, usually relating to health and hygiene. But this brouhaha over killing dogs isn't a health or hygiene issue, it's a moral and aesthetic issue. Dogs are cute. We know that. But that doesn't mean they shouldn't be killed for their meat. We eat lambs too. No one's calling for a banning of mutton.

And let's face it, two blows to the head is a bit messy (personally, just a single blow should be able to do it, but it DOES splatter), but as far as that goes, if two blows to a puppy's brain is inhumane, what about bleeding cows to death? If that's inhumane, what about slaughterhouses all over the world which house cows in really unhealthy, unhygienic spaces, for the sole purpose of killing them as soon as they reach a certain weight? What about housing chickens in coops too small in order for them to do nothing but lay eggs? THAT's inhumane.

If we're so squeamish about dog-eating, banning dog-eating isn't going to help things any. These men are eating dogs because THEY HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE. They're poor! We don't have minimum wage in Malaysia in order for them to afford other choices! What's wrong with them making the best of a bad situation and using what little resources they have to get cheap food? We don't exactly see employers offering to feed these workers very often.

So these dogs aren't being killed humanely (although to be honest, I have NO idea what 'humane killing' of an animal is like. Somehow or another, you've got to kill it), but they ARE a legitimate, cheap source of sustanence. These men are not going to steal food as a result, and they're no drain on us either, since we all know Malaysian Muslims hate dogs anyway.

When our pigs faced the JE virus, due to poor pig-farming methods and other things out of farmers' control, did we call for a ban on pig? No. I've seen goats wandering all over eating all sorts of garbage - did we call for a ban on goat meat and milk? No. Puppies are bred purely for entertainment purposes and abandoned or neglected very quickly by impulse buyers shopping in giant pet stores - do we call for a closure of these petstores? No. In fact, dogs are usually kept around for the sole purpose of guarding the house. Is this ideal for dogs? No. Do we give a shit? No. Why? Because obviously, keeping dogs around to guard the house benefits us. But eating the cute widdle puppies makes us squeamish, so we call for a ban on eating dogs.

Malaysia is one of the top five Asian nations that violates refugee rights, is currently the laughingstock of feminist blogs for having states that ban lipstick and heels and is undergoing political rifts due to citizen recognition of government corruption... and dog-eating makes the headlines when it's our treatment of Indonesian workers which should.

Excuse me while I go boil myself another bowl of rabbit soup.

H/T to yiliang for the link.



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Jun. 25th, 2008 09:19 pm (UTC)
Please forward this to Heather. =) j/k

(personally, just a single blow should be able to do it, but it DOES splatter) LOL!
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