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RAWRGH, moving, why are you such a pain?

This is what happened just now:

*looks at walk-in closet*

*opens biggest luggage bag*

“Oh well, this should be all right! I’ll just give away another business suit, a jacket, and all the shirts.”

*remembers winter closet*

*looks at sweaters*

“Oh yeah, and these sweaters can all fit too.”

*sees collection of winter coats and jackets*


Welp, that's more stuff to give away. I'm told that California DOES get to 0'c (LOL!) sometimes, in the mountains especially, so I guess I'll pack my nicer jackets. Bah humbug! And I need some space for the CDs and DVDs, and the parasols. I STILL have to figure out how I'm getting my piano out there. Do I want to bring home these two nice bottles of ice wine or do I drink it here? Also, my dad might want foodstuffs. Ngargl.

Also, peoples, I have like over a hundred books left to loan out!!


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