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So Irshad Manji published this book, right, and JAWI bans the book and preemptively arrests a bookstore manager because they hadn't received the memo that the book was banned yet. Bookstore responds.

Why Do Asian Americans Win So Many Spelling Bees?

Why I Have A Queue

Fascism for Nice People (this is Lavie Tidhar's comment on steampunk and how he's dealing with the resultant backlash. Which is kind of petty and ridiculous and I am deeply annoyed with everybody involved now.)

Some armchair psychology about evangelical vegans (this is fairly old but it still is pretty awesome.)

ETA: Here are NST articles on tapirs! Behavior and habitat, and they apparently like saltlicks. Because tapirs are the awesomest.

BEST CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Stories About African Racial Groups Sought: White Zombie Anthology. Deadline September 14, 2012.
Almost two hundred thousand years ago, Homo Sapiens fought a war against the Homo Helmei for the coastal passages out of Africa. Although modern man won, the deadly virus that had infected the Homo Helmei infected the early migrants. The disease lay dormant in their DNA until the year 2012. Every descendant of those migrants, from India to China to the United States has been infected. All will die.

The only survivors are the children of the Africans who did not migrate, whose DNA did not contain the virus. There is no test, no method of determining who will live and who will die to rise again as the living dead. If you are dark skinned, there is hope.

If not, you have 24 hours to live.

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