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July 25th, 2008


Totes Me!
I've been working on this short story for a whole WEEK. And it's FINALLY DONE!

Basic premise of the short story was: girl tracks down demon who framed her boggart father of murder. Actually, I wouldn't know. Like with the Reality Whorl, it started with a sequence I had in a dream, and I thought it would be neat as a story, so I wrote it. Unfortunately, it didn't come to me as wholly as Reality Whorl had.

For those of you who're interested in my current short-story writing process, it kinda goes like this (with some alternate text)...

Pics under the cut!Collapse )


Totes Me!
In RenEv's latest post on the SWOP East (Sex Workers Outreach Project) conference in Chicago, she mentioned meeting Rene of Stepping Stone, which is Halifax's program and safe place for sex workers. Sex workers can drop in the house during the mornings for free food and to mingle, as well as to attend workshops on various things like legal assistance, housing and cool stuff. In the evenings, the staff take boxes full of food downtown and walk around talking to the street workers who haven't had a chance to get to the free food in the morning and networking among the local sex workers.

I've been aware of Stepping Stone since earlier this year but it was incredibly hard to get information on it.

Oddly enough, it was reading RenEv's blog regularly that inspired me to find out more about sex workers' rights and organizations supporting them here in Halifax, and thusly to Stepping Stone. A complete fluke led me to the house itself to do yardwork, but I'd kept my eye out, and attended one of their events to meet people.

There, I met Rene, introduced by Holly, who I've known from the SMU Women's Center. She is one of the nicest persons I have ever met. So well-meaning, so sweet, so earnest and so kind.

And yeah, Ren, most Haligonian Canadians are really that nice...

I'm still feeling kind of weirded out by it. In a good way, though.

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