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Jul. 23rd, 2014

Totes Me!
I have finished reading all the stories sitting in the #SEAsteampunk inbox!!!! Yay!! I think we're still waiting on a couple more people but Joyce and I have agreed on a hard deadline of next week. Next Friday we'll send out rejections and let people know if we're still haggling over their stories. There're a few we disagree on, and a few which one likes but the other is not sure on, that sort of thing.

Tomorrow I shall dally to the bank, get some cash to spend at SDCC (and try to remain within that budget the whole weekend), then dally downtown, grab some lunch, and then go to the Greyhound station. I have a small bag of clothes and a backpack of promo material and book to take notes in. I'm going to wear ballet flats all weekend. Hope my feet don't hurt. San Diego weather is not non-sensical, right? Should I bring a sweater and socks? I shall bring a sweater and find some space for socks, that seems best. *rambles on*

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Jul. 20th, 2014

Totes Me!
- My friend Jess from Seattle, who I've known since my days on (that's 2001, wow, so much for online friendships not being real amirite) came to visit because apparently her last visit to California was filled with microaggressive people who did not understand social justice at all so she needed to visit me to clean her palate. We went out to eat a lot because she is a food blogger and thus that is what foodies do.

- While she was here, I decided to take advantage of the fact that she lives in Seattle to finish Nisi's new bra and have her deliver it. I'd been fiddling with the pattern on and off for a while now so this gave me a chance to really work it. The first one I made was 1) a bit too big (apparently this is a possible thing); 2) that terrible ordinary straps that fed into her shoulder grooves; 3) had the most worthless band for supporting large boobs possible as it is a standard band. THIS TIME, I adapted the band into the shape of a strapless bra, which included boning, and put boning in the lower cup, and finished it with padding in the shoulder strap. My bra teacher (or as she is affectionately known, the Fairy Bra Mother) told me that the pads used for push-up bras are really good fod re-distributing weight on the shoulders. So. The bra will be delivered on Wednesday and I have to wait for feedback now. If this works, I can re-do it into something much better (the boning was kind of sewn on quite simply and it could stand to be reinforced. With nicer top-stitching).

- In preparation for San Diego Comic Con, I find myself without a carry-on bag that I can carry on my shoulders. I usually have a little white roller-bag but I think I'm going to do a far bit of walking so I would rather not subject wheels to that. I was gonna make a new one, but I think I'll pass this time and just focus on packing *very very* light. I don't plan on attending any steampunk gatherings so I'll leave the magistrate costume at home (and it never gets recognized anyway but by people who've already seen it). I found the Greyhound station and it seems really cheap to get there and back, too. Still trying to decide if I want to return on Sunday (only one bus, at the same time as a panel on multicultural heroes =/) or Monday morning (which necessitates finding a place to stay and then getting a ride into town to the station).

Does anybody want anything from Comic Con?

- Also! on Friday evening! At Pokez Restaurant! We're trying to get together POC creators, and fans, for you know, socializing. It'll be fun!

- Five things make a post, so. Uhm. Would anybody like to buy a skirt from me? 35" waist, 18" long, green/blue paisley, four in-seam POCKETS and a lot of flare! I think it's my best work so far but my waist is only 32" as it turns out so this sits on my hips uncomfortable, and I didn't add belt loops because it would fold weirdly under a belt.

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Jul. 15th, 2014

Totes Me!
Dear self,

We are going to refrain from spending obnoxious amounts of money at JoAnn's from here on out. We haven't been to the superstore in a while, it's true, and we did have 50% off coupons, but still, a budget would be nice to adhere to.

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Jul. 13th, 2014

Totes Me!
- yesterday I baked a cake using the brown rice / white rice / tapioca flour / cornstarch mix I made. It tastes like tapioca, mostly. Which I don't know how to feel about. I think I'd like it better as a cookie.

- i made a sewing machine cover as well

- then I read David Eddings' Elenium for the first time ever. It is chockful of the usual racism and strange gender stereotypes. His usual cast of characters - the thief, the strange child, the sorceress, the "practical everyman" - were present. I don't care much for Sparhawk like I did for Garion, which might be on account of his age, but he's as old as Althalus and I think Althalus is more amusing. The Styricans as being less metropolitan but more civilized, in their own view, was really interesting, but it doesn't go very far since we only have one or two Styric characters. Of course there were some Laugh Out Loud lines and some philosophical passages. Also glad that his oeuvre includes marriages between immortal women and mortal men, partners of similar ages, because the Much Older Man + Aggressive Younger Woman thing kind of tweaks my nose a bit. They're easy books to read because of all that tho, very plot-driven. Definitely not the kind of stories I've been picking out for the SEAsteampunk antho at least XD

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Jul. 12th, 2014

Totes Me!
- went with [personal profile] starlady to have some Viet food and then we attempted to raid the orange grove. It did not go well, because nothing was in reach.

- did some website stuff too.

- I went home and passed out until dinnertime.

- We went to Tio's Tacos for dinner, and I had a hard-shell taco and it was delicious. then while wandering around the compound admiring the sculptures, some dude came up to us and said "how are you? I'm a millionaire" and shook our hands and.... yeah I don't know either.

- there was also an attempt to find the wild donkeys that live at the hills behind my place. it did not succeed. I shall go another time, I guess.

- it was sad when [personal profile] starlady left! maybe she will be back to raid the Patten collection again ^^

- I patched all my jeans: three pairs, and had NO patches that really matched the jeans, of course. but still, the patching that needed to happen were in the crotch area, and if anybody notices, it's a clear sign that they are looking too closely at my ass. but boy, i really ought to lose some weight because those jeans are hella tight for no good reason.

- i also bought some jean material in case the iron-on patches didn't work out, and it looks like I have enough for a pair of shorts! I also now have more blue threads than I probably will ever know what to do with them. But jeans need special threads though... hmm...

Geez, it's 2am already O_o;;

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Jul. 11th, 2014

Totes Me!
I got out of bed before 10am to work some more on my skirt, and around 2.30pm tore away from it to head to campus, where I met with PK and [personal profile] starlady to go downtown to the Mission Inn tour! We then went to get cupcakes, and hung out at my place for a bit before going to Marlen's for dinner, where I overstuffed myself with tacos. I always underestimate tacos!

Anyway, while walking home, first, there was a creepy guy behind us who was either talking to us or to himself, which freaked PK out so much she asked us to slow down so he could pass us. Then just as we thought we were safe, someone threw an egg from a car and hit PK on the side of her head. I thought it was a fucking litterbug throwing their juice out of their car and hitting someone, but no, dudes were lobbing eggs out onto the sidewalks. Awful end to what was a pretty good evening otherwise.

I got home and finished the skirt waistband and attached some hooks and eyes (might re-do those in the future, we'll see how I feel about it) and good thing I measured the waistband one inch longer than initially planned because the way I made the skirt, I underestimated how much for the waistband. I don't do shaped waistbands, and work with straight ones, so it can get a bit weird. I might try shaping my skirt segments next time. Anyway, some pictures of it!

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Jul. 10th, 2014

Totes Me!
Been having these weird bouts of rashes right before bed. Can't tell if it's because of the heat (I sleep in the fan on to mitigate it, which gives me the sniffles in the morning from the chill) or because I swam earlier in the afternoon. In case it was, I took a quick cold shower but all that did was make me freeze, and I basically shivered myself to sleep. Baahhh.

Anyway, this new skirt is coming along well. I forgot how to do in-seam pockets for a second but I think it'll be much cleaner than my previous tries.

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Jul. 7th, 2014

Totes Me!

Got up at 7.30am to get a bus downtown (I'm getting better at using a bus other than the #1 and #16) to fetch Karen to Special Collections. Dr. Conway had brought out a really cool selection: early editions of Utopia, City of the Sun (in their original Latin), Frankenstein (which had initially been published in three volumes), Dracula (with an awful lime-yellow colour), the Time Machine (which has a very large box but is a very tiny book actually!), and Flatland (the first edition AND the fancy accordion artbook which I am a huge fan of) (also one of Karen's top favourite books so I am glad I knew of it to suggest it to her). We had a most lovely marvelous chat with Dr. Conway about all sorts of things, so I'm really glad she had time! Every chance I get to show off the Eaton to a visitor, the only word I've got to encapsulate how I feed is "chuffed".

The Time Machine was also published contemporaneously with a bunch of other novels in a kind of series and I took down a list of them:
- The Green Carnation by R. Hitchens
- An Altar of Earth by Thymol Monk
- The New Moon by C. E. Raimond
- The Wings of Icarus by Laurence Alma Tadema
- Joanna Trail, Spinster by Annie E Holdsworth

I'm going to look them up because I don't know why they might be published as part of a series with the Time Machine.

Afterward Karen and I had a drink at Coffee Bean and hung out for a couple more hours just chatting. Then we bussed back downtown, and I felt it would be a good idea because 1) yay company and b) the bus routes are kind of weird (and she confirmed my suspicions expressing how she might have been anxious at the many twists and turns the bus was taking).

Karen is such a terrific person! Wonderful conversationalist and so many interesting things to say about Barbados and grad school and stuff. She also made a connection between Sun Boy in Cordwainer Smith's "Under Old Earth" and Sun Ra which I hadn't thought about, and the stories are kind of contemporaneous so there might be a possible connection there? I don't know the chronology of Smith's Instrumentality stories so I can't look it up but it looks like an interesting thing to investigate.

And now turns out [personal profile] starlady is also in town! So I get to hang out with cool people again! Yay! I am going to be so peopled out by the time summer is over.

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Jul. 6th, 2014

Totes Me!
I started work on a pair of shorts last night, and this morning I got up early (as in, 9am) to catch a bus out to the new JoAnn store in Riverside Plaza. I've been there before, with friends, to eat at the California Pizza Kitchen, but had no idea how close it was to my bus route. Cool beans! Got myself some notions and of course new patterns (a pattern for a newsboy hat!!!!). After that I popped over to Staples to drop off a cartridge and stopped by their copy center to get some Carl Brandon fliers for SDCC. The woman at the station gave me two options, regular paper for .98 or a nicer, thicker paper for 1.18, and I was whining about how broke I was, and she said she could get me the thicker version for the same price of the regular. :D Yay!

So I got home and started to sew in earnest now that I had a zipper (7 inches was still too long) and while I was pinning the waist band I took a break to call Karen Lord, who's in Riverside on vacation. I volunteered to take her to the Eaton collection. We spoke for about an hour (she is One Of My People!).

Anyway I finished the shorts! It's made out of cotton... one of the "African fabrics" that I bought in Toronto. And I played the Saber Rider theme song copious times while making it. I am an adult, yes. Now to decide what to make next. Either a skirt or a bra. Probably a bra, I've been wearing the same two exercise bras for months now.

Also a last-minute request for a thing for THE SEA IS OURS promo at SDCC got us this beautiful picture!!!!! This isn't a final picture, just a promo. I really wanted something for SDCC but the publisher didn't have anything appropriate so I was like "hrm, a couple of artists just emailed me, I shall ping one of them" and ta-daaaa.

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