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This blog is:

- a personal space used for contemplation and creative writing
- feminist
- sex positive
- philosophical
- pro-sex worker rights
- anti-racist
- LGBTQ-friendly
- pro-choice
- anti-misogynist
- pro-full disclosure, comprehensive sex education
- anti-gender constructs
- pro-equal party/community parenting
- anti-troll

Apr. 27th, 2016

Also I'm reading Bryan Thao Worra's DEMONSTRA poetry collection, selecting at random things to read tonight. Two of the three I've read so far have made me cry.

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Apr. 9th, 2016

I had this dream last night that I was visiting/attending school in a place that's kinda like Oakland and their art school was also all the way across the harbor in like a San Francisco and the art studio space was also like a family home and the dad was the dean of the fine art studies program?? and my host was totally trying to get with his daughter and suddenly it was a sitcom of awkward with the dad trying to laugh it off but not really and they were showing off how changed the studio space had become with these really cute cubicles built on stilts (???).

But it got so awkward I decided to take a taxi home and shared a taxi with this other dude and we were confused about the roads because a stretch of highway going across the water had completely iced over also something in the distance EXPLODED and the taxi driver was like "is that... the CHALLENGER?" Was he referring to a spaceship? a rocket? a sky station? I DON'T KNOW and anyway it doesn't matter because a GIANT ROCK SMASHED DOWN and I somehow feel it was the university.

And of course I tweeted that shit.

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Apr. 2nd, 2016

- Kept reading this racist novel yesterday, did lecture, and went to JJ's for a chat in the evening. She's the new scifi librarian and totally awesome. I feel pretty confident that use of the Eaton Collection will be all the more better with her on the course.

- Today I guess I spent most of it checked out. Went to the Qing Ming ceremony at Olivewood again. When I got home, I did some digging around in my garden. Using some new fertilizing stuff, and re-planted some stuff. The chives are not doing great so I moved them into the basil planter which is only half full.

My potato box is coming apart at the seams, so I dug up the plant closest to the break in order to move it. Alas, even though the stem is technically supposed to grow roots when buried, this hasn't actually happened, and I'm not sure why. Maybe I didn't pack in the soil? Maybe that's it. Anyway, that one potato plant had TWO potato! I harvested my first baby potatoes!

I of course immediately took pictures and cooked them. They were delicious. I even had two store-bought potatoes for comparison and I think my homegrown potatoes were definitely chewier and more flavourful. I shall have to figure out how to take advantage of this wonderful discovery. I might have to buy a whole new planter for this endeavor. The baby russets are growing and they should go into the dirt sometime (I've put the most eager one directly into the ground, just to see what happens).

I gave Mary some dill, and I also harvested some oregano (Mexican) so it would stop encroaching on the poor Syrian. I'll take some dill, the oregano, and parsley over to JJ tomorrow, because I have a lot of the stuff already.

Tomorrow Mary and I will hit up the Plant Sale, and then to Big Lots because we're gonna need more crap.

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I feel I don't catch a break, somehow

- First day of school. I hung out after lecture for the GSA Executive Council meeting at 7pm.
- My Co-TA this quarter is a serious dude from the History department. A nice change from the previous co-TAs who have generally been way too chill or too anxious.
- I saw Dr. Anthonia Kalu in her office and sat down to chat. Made small talk, told her some good news, and she said I did look a lot happier than last quarter after being rejected for the Sawyer.

- UGH so I did not realize that when I signed up for Recruitment Day I had also double-booked myself to get out to Long Beach City College for a panel on MOTHERSHIP.
- Went to get a student from the nearby hotel, and hung out generally for breakfast and lunch.
- Around 3pm, Eric and Maurisa and I headed to Long Beach. I brought my Hamilton CDs because Eric still hadn't heard Act 2, and Maurisa and I sang all the way there.
- The panel was good, but Anil Menon couldn't make it, which saddened me. But I got to hang out for a bit, and later we went to a bar in Long Beach downtown which was originally a bank, so it maintained the Art Deco-era style. Very nice. Decent food.
- (Then I asked if we could visit the Vault where they have a speakeasy, complete with password and stuff. Also very cool.)

- Today I came home after lecture and passed right the fuck out. I intend to avoid campus tomorrow, will go to the bank and sort out my credit card issues. Then I'll read a book the rest of the day for my diss.

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Mar. 6th, 2016

So, I had a pretty productive weekend! Maybe. Sort of.

Karen Lord, Tobias Buckell, and Karin Lowachee came to UCR! They came to Nalo's seminar, and then went to the library. There was a late afternoon panel, and I hung out afterwards with Nalo, Toby and Karen. Karen gently pointed out that my suggestion of Gina Torres and Laurence Fishburne to play the main protagonists of The Best Of All Possible Worlds didn't work, and she had mentally cast Angel Coulby as Delarua already, which I was cool with. We talked about reviewers, and she was also annoyed at the John Clute review from a while back--which, incidentally, was also the same review article in which he missed the point of my SP3: Revolution essay.

(Karen is so cool, sob sob.)


OK, not actually as productive as it could have been. I was really underslept for some reason, so I went home early and napped. I don't really remember what I did, which is quickly becoming a theme of my life for days that are unmarked by an appointment.


I tried to do some writing! I did a little bit. I also went to listen to the bell tower recital, and Ma Yan came to join me! She's a visiting scholar, working with Dr. Kalu. I'd never had the opportunity to just hang out with her before this, so it was really nice that she came out. After belltower recitals, it's unlocked for visitors, so we went up. Afterwards, we walked to the Botanic Gardens, since she'd never seen them before, and then went to dinner.

Busy Cafe has been bought over my Pho Vinam, which makes me sad! The crispy panfried noodle recipe for Pho Vinam is WAY SALTIER and almost inedible. I HATE complaining about something like that, but the waiter caught my cringing face so I kinda fessed up. I got a slice of cake? Sigh. I'll really miss Busy Cafe... I guess it's really time to move on from Riverside!


Was super productive! Tempest and I wrote for most of the afternoon, then Marianne came to join us! I think I got about 2000 words done today! But now I'm stuck at the second part of the chapter, trying to articulate the form of Eurocentrism that basically says, "so this thing which is super white is getting kind of boring! let's shake it up a bit" while completely ignoring WHY it was super white in the first place. I'm going to try researching around tomorrow and see what happens. If not, Mariam has a seminar on Tuesday--she's running for Vice Chancellor of Diversity and Equity Excellents (Yolanda is stepping down)--and I'll try got grab her afterwards to ask her.

Anyway, other news!

- I have been voluntold by the inestimable Nisi that I will be chairing the jury for the Carl Brandon Society Parallax and Kindred Awards, seasons 2012 & 2013! What does this mean I'm sure I do not know but I will figure it out, I'm sure. But there are a lot of books to judge, and the more the merrier, so if you want to join the jury, please sign up asap!

- The Sea Is Ours is now available in Southeast Asia!! The publisher and distributor, Gerak Budaya, is a favourite of mine; they publish a lot of local academic material, and distribute a ton of great leftist material. They're also a source for local socialist books, and a Malaysian socialist newspaper! So I"m really proud about this!

- I miscalculated and turns out I shan't be missing the first Friday of the new quarter after all! I can go to ICFA and AnomalyCon guilt-free! Now to figure out whether I can get to UC Berkeley for a SEAS conference, Diana's Wedding, and WisCon, similarly guilt-free.

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Feb. 29th, 2016

- I had a writing session with Tempest this morning! I got another buncha words done, describing my primary texts for the chapter. Still feeling woefully un-outlined, though.

- Couldn't concentrate for most of the rest of the day.

- Went to the International Center discussion group tonight. Got free pizza. Yay.

- My chard seeds are sprouting! Hopefully they will actually take this time and I can plant them somewhere.

- Dr. Maier is apparently chairing my CSEAS panel, aaaaa! I really must start putting together that trip. I wonder if Dr. Lam is heading up by plane or train... I'm doing some mental calculating right now and I'm worried that one of the midterms for the class I'll TA for will fall on that very weekend, so I'll have to email the organizers of the CSEAS conference to see if I can come in on the Saturday only. OR figure something out with my co-TA, get back on Sunday and grade like a demon then.

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Feb. 28th, 2016

It has been a remarkably sociable weekend for me!

Friday I went to Dr. Maier's talk on translation, at least the first half, and in the evening, I went to his house! For a SEATRiP get-together! It was fun. Nice house. Got to have extended chats with various people.

Saturday I mucked about, writing my fic prompt, and went to Javi and Maurisa's place to watch ALLIGATOR PEOPLE which is about as terrible as it sounds, but not too bad. I wrote the beginnings of what looks to be a kids' book, about a little girl in a new housing estate who discovers that mutated migrant workers live in the sewers beneath. I have no idea how this will go; I haven't read any kids' books in years so I'll check some out of the library and have a look-see.

Then Eric and I headed into LA for the Radio Imagination Launch, which was also an Octavia Butler commemoration event! I met Moya Bailey, the other founder of the oEB Legacy Network, aaaaaa!! There was an Earthseed ritual, AAAAAAAAA! It was super neat. I got to meet someone who's been a long-time lurker fan of my blog, AAAAAAAAAAAA!

Today Emily Jiang came into Riverside, wheeeee! I went to campus to work with Mary for a couple of hours, and then practically spent the rest of the day with Emily. We went to the Botanic Gardens, then hunted for grapefruit and yaaaayyy.

And I even got to do a 30 minute writing sesh with Tempest! I got started on my second chapter, which I'm pretty pleased about. I have a lot of secondary sources I want to incorporate into my roadmap before I get into the business of really writing the thing, but I'm pretty hopeful about it.

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Feb. 25th, 2016

Friends have you heard the reprise of "Dear Theodosia" which was cut from the musical because it was confusing audiences? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mf2b7Ckjmrw Apparently it's between "Burn" and "Blow Us All Away." I had an ugly sob this morning over it. You should too.

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Feb. 18th, 2016

I gave a review session yesterday which was less me presenting and more: I put a Word document up with some topics, and I made the students, one by one, give me a sentence to add to the document from their own notes. Lots of scrambling. A fair number of students who didn't even bring their notes. Quite a few who didn't even come to lecture. I don't know what they were expecting.

Later, I was kind of dithering around wandering, and I found two professors in the hallway chatting, and one had a box of chocolates, so I HAD ONE. Of course. Then she had to go, and the other prof and I got to chatting, and then quite organically we went to the Botanic Gardens, just for a walk. It was really nice! But it rained before we really got in there, so we wandered back out, and through Pierce Hall--she'd never seen the Earth Sciences displays before. Then we stopped by the office hours of the prof next door to her office, and we had tea. It was really nice. I really got a lot of work done afterwards.

Chi and I then tried to use Google Hangouts to do some work together. Her camera wasn't working, and her microphone was way too old, but we did get to use the chat in Hangout to time ourselves and do more work. I think it was really productive! I made us a hangout called "The Great UCR Dissertation Desperados" and hopefully more people will join us XD

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